Cosmo Tech is set for an exciting week with the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit set to begin this Thursday in Paris. Co-founder and President of Cosmo Tech and CEO of Cosmo Tech US Michel Morvan is headlining the company’s appearance at the event and will deliver a keynote address from the main stage on Friday.

For Morvan, Hello Tomorrow represents a perfect opportunity to present his vision for Augmented Intelligence to a global audience of the world’s best startups, investors from both sides of the Atlantic, and corporate enterprise seeking the innovations that can accelerate their digital transformation. His keynote address will focus on the ways in which Augmented Intelligence can help decision makers in any industry better understand the complex systems they manage and choose optimal strategies in order to reach their goals.

“Augmented Intelligence about complex systems can help decision makers determine the optimal choice to make in any situation,” he explains. “But more than just making the optimal decision, Augmented Intelligence also allows decision makers to understand the impacts of their decisions across the entire company system. This holistic view is a better way to manage a business and the only way to understand how all parts of a business can contribute to meeting a company’s goals.”

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is the world’s leading event brining together academic research and development laboratories, technology startups, corporate actors seeking open innovation partners, and investors looking for the next world-changing idea. In 2016 the keynote speakers included current French president Emmanuel Macron and former New York City mayor and founder of the Bloomberg Group, Michael Bloomberg. For Cosmo Tech Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane, to have Michel Morvan join such credentialed company is evidence of the impact that Cosmo Tech is having in Europe and around the world.

“Michel has always been a visionary within Cosmo Tech and I am pleased he has a chance to share this vision with the Hello Tomorrow conference,” Kissane said. “Augmented Intelligence is an opportunity to transform business, industry, government, and even to address some of the world’s most pressing concerns that are almost all, at the core, complex systems.”

Michel Morvan’s keynote address begins at 11:55 a.m. on Friday 27 October, and more details about the Hello Tomorrow event are available at the Global Summit website.

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