Cosmo Tech co-founder and Executive Chairman Michel Morvan was center stage at ESSEC, one of France’s leading business schools, today as he presented a seminar on understanding complex systems.


Invited by ESSEC’s Edgar Morin Chair on Complexity and CEMES, Morvan’s seminar focused on complex systems modeling and simulation, and the challenges associated with modeling and simulating complex systems.


Morvan is a renowned expert in complex systems and complexity science, founded and led the Rhone-Alpes Complex Systems Institute, was an External Professor at the world-leading Santa Fe Institute, and is an Eisenhower Fellow. Prior to co-founding Cosmo Tech, he served as a Professor at ENS Lyon where his research in complex systems modeling and simulation would lead to the development of Cosmo Tech’s co-development platform and transformational software solutions.


During his seminar Morvan explained the primary ways in which complex systems are different to merely difficult or complicated systems, and also why these differences demand adopting a simulation-based approach to prediction. With examples from his own and other research as well as the industrial clients that Cosmo Tech today serves to illustrate his case, the seminar touched on complex systems ranging from human anatomy and grandfather clocks to transport networks and complex global supply chains.


Cosmo Tech and The Edgar Morin Chair on Complexity


The Edgar Morin Chair on Complexity maintains an ambition to open up news ways of accounting for and addressing the major issues facing the world. With a special focus on the increasing interdependence of economic, social and political systems, an emerging logic of uncertainty within which businesses operate, and with an eye on the ethical implications of complexity, too, the Chair regularly hosts scholars and experts who share their vision, knowledge, and experiences with a keen audience of students, faculty, and external guests.


Cosmo Tech, a company founded on values of Excellence, Enthusiasm, Team Spirit, and Pioneer Spirit, is proud to participate in and support the mission of the Edgar Morin Chair on Complexity.


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