Cosmo Tech’s Executive Chairman and co-founder Michel Morvan will be attending the third Asia-Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design and Management.


Taking place on 6 – 7 December at the National University of Singapore, CSD&M is an opportunity to discover, learn and share about complex systems engineering. The ambition of the conference is to develop systems architecture as an academic discipline and industry practice as well as to become an academic-industrial conference of reference in the scientific field of complex industrial systems architecture & engineering. The forum is dedicated to all academic researchers and industrial or governmental actors who are interested in complex industrial systems engineering, while also not being limited to the existing specialists of the subject. 


CSD&M was first originally created in 2010 in France. As the event became a great success, its organizers decided to create another event in the Asia-Pacific zone to enable Asian-Pacific participants to join in the debates in an easier way, and thus CSD&M Asia was created in 2014. 


This year’s scope of CSD&M Asia is smart transportation and will introduce topics in the industrial and governmental domains such as aeronautic and aerospace, constructors and operators of transportation systems, electronics and robotics, and energy and environment, among other. It will also cover technical and scientific methods like systems fundamentals, systems architecture, and systems engineering. It covers several types of systems, including embedded systems, transportation systems, software systems, public infrastructure systems and systems of systems. 


Cosmo Tech has experience dealing with several of these systems architecture, thanks to the experience of not only Morvan, but their team of 17 Ph.D.’s specializing in complex systems science. With a combined experience measured in hundreds of person-years encapsulated in the Cosmo Tech Platform, the expertise is unparalleled.


Morvan, who alongside Cosmo Tech is the Present of IRT SystemX, will be giving the closing address on Friday, 7 December at 5 pm. IRT SYstemX is a research institution that boosts digital engineering of complex systems at the heart of transport, communication, digital security and energy sectors. Morvan was elected as President in April 2018. 



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