Cosmo Tech’s Executive Chairman and co-founder Michel Morvan recently recorded a podcast with Enterprise Management 360. 


Hosted by Thomas Rososchansky, the episode is titled How is Data Transforming Business? An Augmented Intelligence Podcast with Cosmo Tech. It discusses how Augmented Intelligence is the call for a revaluation of data models that companies desperately need. Joining Rososchansky and Morvan was Assystem‘s Chief Technology Officer Robert Plana. 


During the podcast, Morvan and Plana discuss Augmented Intelligence, the need to break silos, and CoSML, Cosmo Tech’s proprietary modeling language at the core of the platform used to develop models. The models are used to simulate complex environments and provide companies with a holistic view of their networks, allowing decision makers to connect their strategies to reality. As systems are becoming more and more complex, a holistic view is necessary to ensure that a decision taken on one part of the network will not have a major and unfortunate impact on another part.


“In the field of energy and infrastructure, what we see today is an increase in the complexity of projects. With requirements more and more demanding, not only in terms of costs or delays, but also in terms of performance,” explains Plana. “That means the customers are asking for systems featuring more functionalities and that will translate into system architectures that will be more and more complex.”


With this evolution, scaleable computing architecture will be key to helping companies have a realistic vision of their future. By combining data and human expertise, Augmented Intelligence allows decision makers can run multiple “what-if” scenarios in order to optimize their processes. It doesn’t necessarily help them predict the future, but it will provide visibility even on extreme scenarios – even if the probability is low – of something taking place that has never happened before. 


Morvan also drives home a point that he – and Cosmo Tech – has been making for years. 


“The very key message behind what we are talking about is that focusing on data is not enough if we want to address these extremely complex problems. We need to focus on data but also on expertise and put all that into models. That’s the big step we want to take, and that’s exactly what the technology that we’ve developed at Cosmo Tech is made for,” says Morvan. 


Listen to the podcast on the EM360 website



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