Cosmo Tech VP Inbound Marketing Dylan Kissane led two workshops this morning at CEFAM, a French-American business school, focused on the experience and opportunity that working in a technology startup offers young graduates.


CEFAM’s annual freshman workshop series offers students approaching the end of their first year in business school the chance to engage with and learn about different career opportunities that await them upon graduation. As well, it offers students an opportunity to connect with companies from a range of industries and make the critical contacts that help open the door to the internships and project work that are critical to building experience in the world of business.


“Each year at Cosmo Tech we are lucky enough to welcome interns from some of France’s leading engineering, business, and technology programs,” he said. “Most recently our Inbound Marketing team had the good fortune to work with an intern from CEFAM and she added enormous value to our digital marketing efforts. I was happy to accept the invitation to deliver these workshops to CEFAM students and establish a first contact with more students of such high calibre.”


Kissane’s workshop focused on the things that make working in a startup different to working in a larger company. Moving beyond the prototypical perks that are often associated with the startup world, Kissane explained that the biggest differences lie in the transversal work structures, the smaller and more agile teams, and the capacity for an individual worker to make a significant impact quickly.


“In one sense it’s a classic trade off,” he explained. “A large multinational company can offer stability and a structured, long-term career where a worker slowly advances from a graduate position towards some higher level. In a startup your work environment is more dynamic and opportunities to ‘make your mark’ early are more common. If you’re looking for a monthly paycheck you’ll prefer the big company, but if you can deal with uncertainty and have the confidence to contribute on day one, a startup might be for you.”

Kissane also took the opportunity to inform the CEFAM students that Cosmo Tech is growing rapidly and hiring across the company. He advised students interested in taking up the challenge of startup work to visit Cosmo Tech’s careers page and follow the company on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest opportunities with the Augmented Intelligence leader.


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