Cosmo Tech has been featured in France’s leading business newspaper Les Echos in their 14th of July national holiday edition this morning.

Headlined Cosmo Tech: Augmented intelligence in the service of good decisions (Cosmo Tech: L’intelligence augmentée au service de la bonne décision) the article clearly explained how the company’s augmented intelligence offerings were proving attractive to clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

After noting that the company’s applications have proved attractive to a diverse group of clients in domains including the rail, energy, and nuclear safety sectors, the article suggested that health care could be the next sphere to benefit from Cosmo Tech’s industry-validated approach. The article noted that, in addition to work that Cosmo Tech has already done in the healthcare sector, “this augmented intelligence technology is particularly useful for predicting pandemic mechanisms and influencing immunisation policies.”

Cosmo Tech co-founder and CEO Hugues de Bantel was quoted at length in the piece and explained the core of what Cosmo Tech offers to some of the world’s largest companies.

“We help managers make the most appropriate decisions by integrating all the elements involved, and their interconnections,” he said. “Our applications make it possible to extract value by making optimal choices.”

De Bantel continued, highlighting the recent recognition that Cosmo Tech has had both in France and internationally. Citing the addition of Cosmo Tech to the Global Cleantech 100 list and the dual success in the Red Herring Top 100 Europe and Top 100 US awards, de Bantel insisted that this recognition was both a means of finding support inside France and expanding overseas.

Les Echos is the leading newspaper in France for business leaders the finance sector and has a daily circulation of more than 120,000 copies. The newspaper’s website received more than 12 million visitors each month who access more than 45 million pages.

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