Insights from the Cosmo Tech team

The Right AI for Resilience in Complex Systems

This week's Industrial Strategy policy paper from the UK government places Artificial Intelligence right at the top of the list of ‘Grand Challenges’: “Artificial intelligence and machine learning are general purpose technologies already starting to transform the...

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Why Simple Solutions to Complex Problems Fail

If you keep even a passing eye on the news then I’m sure you’ll agree that the world is full of complex problems in need of solutions. I’ve read about the complex problems pilots face in fighting the Islamic State, the complex problem of child homelessness in Seattle,...

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Why You Need to Embrace Interconnected Insights

What is insight? Insight is a word that appears frequently in the news but it’s rarely defined. Most often it is used to describe a behind-the-scenes view on an issue (Clinton’s post-debate insight) or as a synonym for an expert opinion (An Insight for Investors) In...

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The Future of the Gut Call is Here

What does it take to earn a salary of $100 million each year? There aren’t a lot of salaried employees who can answer that question but Andrew Hall is one of them. Hall was a talented trader and knew his way around the oil market having served a long stint with BP. He...

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The Little Things with Titanic Impact

Returning home after a day out in the heart of the city I got through a ritual familiar to many: I unpack my pockets. I put my wallet and keys in their place, gather together the receipts that record where I spent my money that day, drop the change I find into a jar,...

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The Limits of Machine Learning

Imagine you’ve got a complex system with mountains of data flooding your models and demanding assessment. You’re tasked with analyzing this system and all of that data, and then making an optimal decision about the future state of that system. How do you do it? If...

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