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Software solutions to optimize investments and maintenance for wastewater utilities.


Cosmo Tech Asset Datasheet

The technical specifications underlying Cosmo Tech Asset for Wastewater Utilities.

Augmented Intelligence at the Heart of Asset Management

European utility explains how Cosmo Tech helps optimize their asset investment planning.

Taking Care of Your Assets

Industry expert Pete Massey explains how Cosmo Tech transforms asset management in NETWORK magazine.

Augmented Intelligence for Wastewater Utilities.

As a wastewater utility manager, you understand how important it is to ensure wastewater is treated properly for the health of communities as well as the environment. As aging infrastructure deteriorates, operation and maintenance costs can increase and you may be faced with excessive expenditures you can no longer afford. Your goal is to reach the required level of service in the most cost-effective way through the creation, operation, maintenance, repair, and disposal of assets to provide for present and future customers.

Cosmo Tech Asset helps utility managers make better decisions about when it is most appropriate to repair, replace, or rehabilitate particular assets by developing a long-term optimized strategy.

Its life-cycle cost/benefit approach allows you to visualize all parts of your network to ensure performance while minimizing the long-term cost of operating expenses. Customizable plans allow you to plan ahead and determine the best course of action when it comes to managing your infrastructure.

Fully understand your wastewater network and its complexities with Cosmo Tech Asset today.


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“Due to the complexity of wastewater treatment process control, even the most advanced conventional hard control systems have encountered limitations when dealing with problem situations that require qualitative information and heuristic reasoning for their resolution.”

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