Software solutions to optimize investments and maintenance for water utilities and wastewater utilities.

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Water Utilities

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Asset investment, Maintenance

Augmented Intelligence for the Water Sector.

Delivering safe, reliable, and sustainable water and wastewater services is the main goal of any water utility. To do so, managers need to carefully plan maintenance and investments to ensure customer expectations are met while maintaining affordability. Asset managers must always strike the right balance between the risk of failure and the cost of replacement.

With population growth, climate change, and increased demands, water utilities have long-term challenges that must be taken into account in their investment plans and more strict regulations and laws to comply with. This results in more constraints than ever on asset managers, strategic planners, and water utility decision makers, and more pressure than ever to make the optimal decision.

Cosmo Tech Plan and Cosmo Tech Asset for Water Utilities are the world’s leading decision management platforms designed especially for the complex systems that utility executives negotiate every day. These platforms help them extract the maximum value from their assets and make optimal decisions for their strategic sustainment plans and investments by considering their systems as a whole, not locally or in silos.

Create and compare “what-if” scenarios with multiple constraints, and perform advanced studies and optimization to reduce operating expenses and improve maintenance and renewal plans using augmented intelligence.

Your water networks will be crystal clear, thanks to Cosmo Tech.


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Water Utilities

Maintain and operate water systems including water treatment plants and water tanks. Ensure planned maintenance can be conducted and capital assets can be repaired, replaced or upgraded on time and under budget.

Wastewater Utilities

Maintain and operate sewer pump stations and wastewater treatment plans, while creating reliable asset maintenance and replacement plans for your aging infrastructure.

“Cosmo Tech Asset supports companies in proactively managing and shaping the significant changes that are in the long-term interest of consumers, stakeholders, and decision makers.”

Pete Massey – Founder & Director, Upcurve Limited

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