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Augmented Intelligence for Traffic Simulation & Optimization

The Cosmo Tech Platform powers a groundbreaking mass transit solution.

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Augmented Intelligence for Urban & Mass Transit.

Almost no one looks forward to their morning commute.

A delayed train, a bus that runs 3 minutes early or 5 minutes late, or a shortage of taxis on a rainy winter’s day can ruin your morning before it has really begun. Even when things work smoothly, there are inevitably wasted minutes on subway platforms or sitting in traffic that leave every commuter thinking there must be a better way.

And now there is.

What if the bus you caught from home to the station arrived just in time for the train into the city center? What if the train arrived on time and you could confidently hit the street to collect a city-sponsored share bicycle to take you the last half mile to the office? And what if, at the end of the day, things went as smoothly as they did in the morning and you arrive home feeling fresh and fit instead of fatigued and fatalistic?

In other words, what if urban transport just worked?

Cosmo Tech has developed a software solution dedicated to optimizing mass transport systems in urban environments. Not only does it offer municipalities and transport service providers a way to model and simulate their interconnected systems to better align with their customers while recognizing their constraints, it also offers commuters a glimpse in a not-so-distant future where the morning commute won’t be feared, but favored.

It’s the future of urban and mass transport, and it’s closer than ever.


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“Multimodal may not be the standard mode of transportation yet—but it’s on its way. Today the integration of innovative software solutions with transportation options have empowered users to choose how they move across cities. ”


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