Software solutions to optimize investments and maintenance for rail networks.


Cosmo Tech Asset Datasheet

The technical specifications underlying Cosmo Tech Asset for Rail Networks.

Augmented Intelligence at the Heart of Asset Management

One client explains how Cosmo Tech helps optimize their asset investment planning.

Taking A Whole-Systems Approach

Industry expert Pete Massey explains the benefits of a whole-systems approach in NETWORK magazine.

Augmented Intelligence for Rail Networks.

With direct responsibility for networks consisting of thousands of kilometers of lines, billions of dollars in rolling stock, and the lives of millions of passengers who use rail networks daily, rail network asset managers are faced with the challenge of delivering on safety and service today while trying to anticipate the demands of tomorrow. Constrained by diminishing budgets, increasing regulation, and limited human resources, many an asset manager has wished for insight into the future of their network and the other interconnected systems that impact upon it.

That wish is now answered.

Cosmo Tech Asset offers a holistic view of the entire rail network, including all of the interconnected systems and sub-systems that make it a truly complex environment in which to plan, prioritize, and strategize for the future. 

Cosmo Tech Asset is the world’s only software that models and simulates the entire system, identifies the causes of change and how those causes impact all part of the business from assets to human resources, finances, and the carrying capacity of the network. It provides auditable, repeatable, augmented intelligence for decision makers so that investment and maintenance decisions are optimal, every time.

With Cosmo Tech Asset you’ll have the interconnected insights you need to anticipate the change to come and profit as you move through it.


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“Railway systems entail much more than a train and a track. They are based on advanced technical and operational solutions, dealing with continuously changing demands for more efficient transport for both passengers and freight every day. This integration is the big challenge and the source of many train delays, inconvenient connections and other issues that impact our society.”

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