Software solutions to optimize airport asset management and supervision strategies.


Cosmo Tech Asset Datasheet

The technical specifications underlying Cosmo Tech Asset for Airports.

Augmented Intelligence at the Heart of Asset Management

One company explains how Cosmo Tech helps optimize their asset investment planning.

Taking A Whole-Systems Approach

Industry expert Pete Massey explains the benefits of a whole-systems approach in NETWORK magazine.

Augmented Intelligence for Air Transport.

Imagine landing at the airport, and as soon as you arrive at the luggage carousel, your baggage is already there. Then, when you step out of the airport, a bus is waiting to take you towards your final destination. Customers shouldn’t dread going to the airport because the ideal process from landing, to baggage, to going home should be as painless as possible.

As an Operations Manager, you understand the frustration of an unorganized system surrounding airports. Even when things work somewhat smoothly, there are inevitably wasted minutes.

Cosmo Tech has developed a software solution dedicated to optimizing your traffic. Forecast delays, allocate resources effectively, and improve the customer experience. Visualize your entire network and make decisions that will improve the overall flowReduce delays and wait times by configuring “what-if” simulations that allow you to see how a decision in one part of the airport will affect another.

Cosmo Tech’s software offers decision makers a way to model and simulate their interconnected systems to better align with their customers while recognizing their constraints.

Today’s transport is so diverse in its possibilities that it requires powerful modeling and simulation tools in order to optimize its design, improve operations, and increase its robustness in case of an emergency or a crisis. Cosmo Tech’s modeling and simulation technology is perfectly suited to account for each part of a complex airport system and help plan the optimal strategic meshing of interconnected transport modes into a single, smoothly-functioning whole.


Learn more about using Cosmo Tech’s solutions for Transport, including rail and urban mass transit.

“From a network perspective the impact of disrupted operations at an airport can have a far reaching impact on network performance and may result in the generation of major reactionary delays.”


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