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Software solutions to optimize asset management and operations in the oil and gas sector.

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Oil Industry

Asset Management, Operations

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Asset Management, Operations

Augmented Intelligence for the Oil and Gas Sector.

Every asset manager is faced with the same challenge: make an optimal decision today that anticipates the changes of tomorrow.

Highly networked and complex industries with assets worth billions of dollars demand that asset managers and decision makers not only plan for the year ahead but for 20, 30, and 50 years. Investment, maintenance, and policy decisions made today have long-term impacts that are impossible for any one individual to predict.

What’s more, these complex asset management questions cannot be answered by adding more people to a team, involving more individuals in their decision making process, or by relying on more of yesterday’s data to discover the path to tomorrow.

Cosmo Tech’s Asset application offers decision makers the opportunity to model their complex systems, simulate their strategies, policies, and processes, identify the impact of their decisions on the network of assets, and determine the optimal strategy to pursue.

It’s not big data, it’s not data science, and it’s not artificial intelligence – it’s Cosmo Tech’s augmented intelligence, and it will change the way you make decisions forever.


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Oil Industry

Develop a decision support application dedicated to the optimization of maintenance and investment strategies for the utilities sector with a unique interaction model.

Gas Industry

A software application adapted with your expertise, validated with your expert knowledge, and your historical data to help build and communicate your investment savings.

“To a large extent, the financial results of companies in many sectors of the oil and gas (O&G) industry depend on the performance of complex, capital-intensive process facilities. But until very recently, O&G companies have not had the tools or the capabilities needed to operate these assets at their maximum capacity.”

McKinsey & Company – ‘Why Oil and Gas Companies Must Act on Analytics’

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