Software solutions to optimize investments, maintenance, and turnaround/shutdown operations for refineries.


Cosmo Tech Plan

Learn how Cosmo Tech Plan can help optimize refinery turnaround and shutdown operations.

Augmented Intelligence at the Heart of Asset Management

One company explains how Cosmo Tech helps optimize their asset investment planning.

Taking Care of Your Assets

Industry expert Pete Massey explains how Cosmo Tech transforms asset management in NETWORK magazine.

Augmented Intelligence for Refineries.

As a plant manager, you understand how costly outages for maintenance can be, and how they are usually extended. What if you could improve planning robustness by simulating the outage processes? Thanks to Cosmo Tech, you can.

Model the cascading effects of unexpected events and provide alternative plans based on the probability of occurrence. Evaluate and optimize project management choices such as resource allocation and task prioritization while fostering team collaborations around a shared and objective vision of the plan.

With complex planning optimization for refineries, you’ll be able to better understand flows and interactions with industrial processes. Improve resilience and flexibility of plant equipment as well as reduce costs by monitoring energy production and consumption forecasts to reduce costs.

Cosmo Tech will help your plans become realities.


Learn more about using Cosmo Tech’s solutions for Heavy Industry, including chemicals and petrochemicals.

“The cost of a single shutdown can easily run into the millions. The turnaround of a complex process plant is a little bit like open-heart surgery and something which only a handful of experts are able to do.”

Dominik Stephan and Jörg Kempf – Vogel

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