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Asset Management for the Petrochemical Industry | Cosmo Tech


Software solutions to optimize investments and maintenance for the petrochemical sector.


Cosmo Tech Asset Datasheet

The technical specifications underlying Cosmo Tech Asset for the Petrochemical Sector.

Augmented Intelligence at the Heart of Asset Management

One company explains how Cosmo Tech helps optimize their asset investment planning.

Taking Care of Your Assets

Industry expert Pete Massey explains how Cosmo Tech transforms asset management in NETWORK magazine.

Augmented Intelligence for Petrochemicals.

As a plant manager, you understand the delicate tasks that your network handles, as well as how sensitive your equipment and its outputs are. Your value chain needs to be optimized, from extraction, to processing, to fabrication.

Cosmo Tech Plan offers a powerful software solution dedicated to managers of resource intensive industries who want to model, simulate, and optimize their production processes holistically, both technically and financially.

Created with some of Europe’s largest industrial companies, Cosmo Tech Plan is designed for plant managers to responsibly manufacture diversified chemicals while engineering sustainable solutions, including improving economic performance and maintenance efficiency of production campaigns.

Integrate business dynamics, management strategies, and failure scenarios to predict the best production methods. Improve network resilience thanks to sensitivity analyses and crisis scenario simulations. Measure your environmental impacts, taking into account regulations and laws, and remain compliant with industry and government standards.

With Cosmo Tech’s augmented intelligence, you can build your network plans, and together we can build a clean future.


Learn more about using Cosmo Tech’s solutions for Heavy Industry, including chemicals and refineries.

“The size and complexity of petrochemical projects, the pressing shortages of skilled craft labor in the US Gulf Coast, and the race to bring production on stream early on are prompting more and more petrochemical producers to carefully reconsider their methods.”


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