Software solutions to optimize investments and maintenance for gas transmission and distribution.

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Asset investment, Maintenance


Asset investment, Maintenance

Augmented Intelligence for the Gas Sector.

Decision makers in gas utilities used to get a long way on intuition, expertise, and experience. Decisions were made by experts who had seen it before, done it before, or have had the instincts to anticipate how the market was about to move weeks, months, and years before the actual market moved.

But things are different today. There’s never been a time when the industry was more complex. The interconnections between networks, the impact of regulatory decisions on everything from environmental protection to health and safety, site security, and network failure rates make the job of the decision maker more critical than ever. Today, decision makers need to justify each and every decision with data, and demonstrate the strength and make a case for strategic investment with a reliable, auditable, and repeatable model.

Cosmo Tech’s Asset solution for Gas (and Oil & Gas) offers everyone from asset managers to industry leaders the chance to profit from augmented intelligence, to understand the impacts of each and every decision across the entire gas transmission network, and to choose the optimal strategy process or policy from hundreds or even thousands of ‘what-if’ scenarios simulated on the Cosmo Tech platform.

It’s time to rely on more than your intuition and experience.

It’s time for Cosmo Tech Asset.


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Develop a decision support application dedicated to the optimization of maintenance and investment strategies with a unique interaction model.


A first systemic-model application dedicated to analyzing the maintenance and renewal strategies for gas distribution networks. Understand the impacts of your decisions and the cascading effects of those decisions across your entire network.

“Cosmo Tech Asset supports companies in proactively managing and shaping the significant changes that are in the long-term interest of consumers, stakeholders, and decision makers.”

Pete Massey – Founder & Director, Upcurve Limited

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