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Software solutions to optimize shutdown and turnaround planning for electricity producers.


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Cosmo Tech’s software solutions for electricity production turnarounds and shutdowns.

Augmented Intelligence at the Heart of Asset Management

One utility explains how Cosmo Tech helps optimize their asset management.

Taking A Whole-Systems Approach

Industry expert Pete Massey explains the benefits of adopting a whole-systems approach in NETWORK magazine.

Augmented Intelligence for Electricity Production.

As a planning manager for electricity production, you understand the pressure of ensuring your network outages and shutdowns run smoothly. Unplanned shutdowns or delays can be costly and potentially hazardous when it comes to supplying electricity to your network. The need for a plan is essential to ensuring the maintenance of your assets.

Cosmo Tech Plan is a powerful decision management software solution dedicated to managers that need to plan large and complex industry outages and shutdowns, and ensure that these plans respect very strict time, budget, and operational constraints. It enables them to evaluate plans and anticipate change through simulations while accounting for multiple risks, and fostering collaboration around the optimal plan.

The simulations provide users with a holistic view of their resources and planning, allowing them to understand the reasoning behind delays. By defining criteria and prioritizing tasks, users can discover the optimal scenario to implement for long-term planning. Solve conflicts considering all resource constraints and rearrange your plan, taking into account potential hazards to make it more robust.

With augmented intelligence, you’ll be able to visualize your network in a new light, allowing you to better plan and better prepare.

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“Effective cost estimating and tracking will enable planning turnaround/shutdown work as competitively as possible and, at the same time, track closely the costs to make informed decisions.”


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