Software solutions to optimize investments and maintenance for electricity producers, transmitters, and distributors.

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Asset investment, Maintenance


Asset investment, Maintenance

Augmented Intelligence for the Electricity Sector.

Asset stocks need repair and replacement. Experienced workers are getting older and retiring in greater numbers. New technologies and evolving regulations are making it more difficult and more expensive to remain competitive. There are more constraints than ever on asset managers, strategic planners, and more pressure than ever to make the optimal decision.

Cosmo Tech Asset for Production, Transmission, and Distribution is the world’s leading decision management platform designed especially for the complex systems that utility executives negotiate every day. By taking advantage of the utility’s complexity, modeling the interacting systems within the utility, drawing on the knowledge of company experts and the skills of Cosmo Tech’s modelers and engineers, and simulating ‘what-if’ scenarios, our solution allows decision makers to understand the impact of each and every decision they make.

Only Cosmo Tech Asset empowers executives to comprehend the impact of their decisions across the whole of their business, pinpoint and understand the causes driving change and risk in their business, plan for future events even if those events have never happened before, and identify the optimal decision, process, and strategy to employ to reach corporate goals.

If it’s time to find clarity in your complexity then it’s time to augment your intelligence and embrace Cosmo Tech’s groundbreaking application.


Learn about Cosmo Tech’s solutions: Asset, Plan, and Supply Chain


The first stage of delivering electricity to consumers, from generators to turbines, let Cosmo Tech help you manage your electricity production.


Cosmo Tech provides two solutions to help you plan, construct, and operate reliable electricity networks. Optimize your asset management through our intuitive and customizable interface.


Avoid costly network reinforcement and move away from the traditional redundancy-based model of energy systems with the help of Cosmo Tech Asset and Cosmo Tech Plan.

“We are able to test and validate asset management scenarios that already allow us to optimize their costs by around 10%, with an equivalent level of service for our clients.”

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