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Consumer Packaged Goods

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Consumer Packaged
Goods Challenges

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is under pressure from changing consumer demands, volatile brand loyalty and the growth of e-commerce. Fast-changing trends make the ability to predict demand a critical success factor for CPG companies. Simulation Digital Twins provide the right fit to meet these challenges.  Build an agile, resilient supply chain, accomodate supply and demand variability and meet service level goals.

Logistics Cost Savings
Annual Capital Investment Reduction
Profit Increase

Benefits for the CPG Industry

  • Increased visibility Gain greater visibility into operations across the supply chain. Identify suppy chain constraints, bottlenecks and develop a resilient supply chain.
  • Agile scenario management Develop and run new what-if experiments when conditions look to be changing in the near-term and long-term future with comprehensive supply chain software. Accelerate supply chain decision making.
  • Anticipate supply chain disruptions Suppliers, factory constraints, logistics networks...all represent uncertainties in your supply chain. Include these uncertainties into the model and simulate the impact of each elements on your production. Find the optimal plan and ensure supply chain resiliency.
  • Improve collaboration with customers and suppliers Build customer and supplier data-gathering activities into your system for use in your simulation digital twin. Gain greater system insights while strengthening business relationships and reducing supply chain costs.
  • Plan for all futures Take more rapid but resilient decisions that remain aligned with customer expectation and demand and create robust optimal plans for the short, medium, and long term.
  • Optimize use of constrained resources Leverage prescriptive automation to maximize efficiency. Uncover new optimizations under already tight operating conditions. Understand which resources can be altered for maximum ROI.

Our solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Production Planning

Design a Simulation Digital Twin of your supply chain and optimize your production plans to deliver value at every stage of your manufacturing process. Manage supply, production and demand to achieve operational efficiency and increase profitability.
Production Planning

Strategic Sourcing

Design a Simulation Digital Twin of your supply chain network and virtually simulate any scenario, compare various sourcing options and anticipate potential cascading and bullwhip effects of several risks which could impact final service and inventory levels.
Strategic Sourcing

Asset Obsolescence

Build an optimal OPEX/CAPEX asset investment plan to replace and renew obsolete equipment and control risk exposure. Include real-world constraints, understand their impact and bridge the gap between operational and financial views to identify the right strategy.
Asset Obsolescence

Case Studies

Production Planning

Achieve Production Planning Excellence

How a car manufacturer extended their car production with the same capacities, considering a volatile demand, a complex production process, and production flow bottlenecks.

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Asset Investment

Optimize Operational Asset Investments

How an international car manufacturer built an optimal OPEX/CAPEX asset investment plan to replace and renew obsolete equipment and control risk exposure.

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Factory Planning

Optimize Your Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling

How a car manufacturer took into account complex production sequences and met the needs of their dynamic supply chain.

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Customer quote supply chain planning

Thanks to Cosmo Tech, our entire network is modeled. When the S&OP process gives a new direction, we can modify the digital twin to quickly get the best production scenario. Every month, we adapt it according to the gap observed between forecasts of customer demand and reality.