The CoSMo Company’s VP Sales EMEA Baptiste Jouffroy has returned from the Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) Exchange event in London with confidence that CoSMo’s approach to asset investment optimization is winning fans in Europe.

CoSMo’s technology is unique in the world. It’s the only framework for asset investment optimization that allows companies to take a holistic view of their complex networks, understand how the different systems interact, and reliably predict where and how to invest in their asset networks to optimize operating and capital expenditure, risk, and quality of service. At the IAM Exchange we had great sessions with utilities from across Europe and the UK and – to a person – they were impressed with the opportunity that CoSMo offers asset managers making optimal decisions at the tactical level, and the CFO at the strategic level.”

CoSMo VP Sales EMEA, Baptiste Jouffroy

The IAM Exchange is presented in association with the UK’s reputable Institution for Asset Management and this year welcomed dozens of utilities and highly-networked companies to the Hilton Syon Park Hotel in London for two full days of presentations, workshops, and networking. Among the headline speakers for the event were Crossrail CEO Andrew Wolstenholme who offered his insights on the challenges of delivering on one of the most ambitious rail network projects in Europe with a budget of more than €18 billion.

At the event CoSMo took meetings with utilities and network operators from across Europe and the UK, a testament to the broad appeal of software and technology that is capable of being adapted to any complex network, no matter whether it is water, rail, gas, electricity, or another system of systems.

One of the strongest features of CoSMo’s technology and AIO framework is its adaptability to any complex system. While CoSMo has enjoyed success working with RTE for electricity transmission, GRTgaz for gas transmission, and Alstom for rail networks, we are not limited to providing solutions in those verticals alone.”

CoSMo VP Sales EMEA, Baptiste Jouffroy

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