Cosmo Tech’s CEO and co-founder Hugues de Bantel opened the Think Smartgrids New Year’s event in Paris yesterday, 16 January.


Alongside being Cosmo Tech’s CEO and co-founder, de Bantel is also the Vice-President of Think Smartgrids, an association whose aim is to develop the smart grids sector in France and to promote French solutions in Europe and around the world, including promoting the digital transformation of utilities in France and Europe, of which de Bantel is passionate about. 


“When we talk about digital transformation,” he says “it is most important to keep the real focus not on the individual technologies that are impacting a business, but on how those new technologies can serve to adapt to a changing world, support new business models, and have a positive impact.”


The evening also included two roundtable discussions: one animated by Philippe Vié, Vice-President of Cap Gemini, on the subject of “Smart Grids and Innovative Territories”; and the other on the subject of “Smart Grids for Electric Mobility”, animated by Valérie Anne Lencznar, Managing Director of Think Smartgrids. 


Later in the evening, the two winners of Think Smartgrids Thesis Awards were announced by Nouredine Hadjsaid, Think Smartgrids’ President of the Scientific Council. The prizes were awards to Olivier Arguence and Etta Grover. 


The evening ended with a speech from Olivier Grabette, President of Think Smartgrids, who highlighted TSG’s achievements from 2018. A recent accomplishment this year was the publication of a study on the digital transformation of utilities, piloted by DC Brain and Cosmo Tech. The study focuses on the progress of European utilities’ digitization projects and the conditions for their success. The event was held in the new auditorium of RTE at La Défense.


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