In a new brochure released today Cosmo Tech has outlined in detail the five key features of their Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) solution.

Already embraced by electricity transmission and distribution utilities, gas utilities, and rail network operators, Cosmo Tech’s AIO is a decision management platform that aids executives to make optimal decisions in complex systems. With an industry-validated modeling and simulation approach, Cosmo Tech’s AIO solution takes businesses beyond the limits of big data and artificial intelligence to truly augmented intelligence, mitigating the use of intuition in decision making.

Cosmo Tech VP Global Sales Baptiste Jouffroy explains that while AIO is popular with clients for reason as varied as their use cases, there are at least five key features that customers mention time and again in discussions with him.

“The first thing that people always mention is the capacity of the software to create scenarios to simulate multiple operational constraints. This means that they can simulate their systems as they are in reality and not in some sort of hypothetical, perfect world where only one or two constraints impact on any decision,” he said. “Once users understand this capacity and the power it delivers to them, they usually mention the software’s capacity to create multiple maintenance and investment plans, test each one, and really understand the impact of their decisions.”

Jouffroy went on to mention a third and fourth feature that have won praise from users.

“There’s the ability to iterate scenarios, creating new scenarios from existing scenarios, and then sharing those with others in the decision making and asset management team,” he said. “What’s more, these multiple scenarios can be compared in the simulation, pushing the user towards the optimal outcome and optimal strategy in their asset investment program.”

The fifth and final feature that users most often mention to Jouffroy is the software’s capability to use advanced studies and extract the most important KPIs from the scenarios and simulations.

“It’s something that users mention over and over,” he explained, “and it’s an enormous strength of the Cosmo Tech AIO platform.”

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