The renowned author, psychologist, and inventor Edward de Bono once said that an expert is someone who can make decisions easier by knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

One of the things that makes Cosmo Tech’s technology unique is the way that we incorporate expert knowledge into our models of complex systems. This pushes us way beyond big data and data science approaches, and allows us to identify causes instead of mere correlations. For the companies we work with this means that our models align to reality. More than that, it means that our models maintain and extract value from those experts knowledge even if those experts leave the company.

In our latest newsletter at Cosmo Tech we offer some of that expert knowledge to readers in the form of some long-form interviews with leaders in various fields. There’s an interview with Marc-Andre Forget, for example, a recognized thought leader in the utilities sector and CEO of Ossiaco. He was a guest speaker at the last World Energy Congress in Istanbul and part of the by-invitation-only “Global Electricity Initiative Round Table” with 20 CEO’s of some of the largest energy organizations in the world. Forget has decades of experience working in, and as a consultant to, the industry. In his exclusive sit-down with Cosmo Tech he outlines the biggest challenges to the utilities sector, noting that these challenges cannot be addressed individually or in silos, but need to be tackled all at once

The notion of challenges is one that also comes up in another of the interviews in the newsletter. When Cosmo Tech’s Chief Business Development Officer Thierry de Lumley sat down with CGI Business Consulting’s Frederic Turkisch to discuss Cosmo Tech’s approach to complexity and the limits of competing approaches, the common refrain was challenges. There are multiple concurrent challenges in the energy sector, the transport sector, the logistics and process management sectors, and de Lumley and Turkisch explain how a holistic approach, like Cosmo Tech’s, is the best way to address those challenges.

But maybe my favorite interview is the discussion we had with Laurent Schmitt. Schmitt is the General Secretary of ENTSO-E and a globally recognized leader in electrical transmission systems. Charged with facilitating alignment of transmission system operators in 43 countries and supporting policy makers in Brussels and beyond, Schmitt is a go-to expert for energy policy in Europe and beyond. He spoke to us about the biggest challenges facing electricity transmission system operators in Europe, including the rise of renewable energy, distributed energy resources, and national targets for greenhouse gas emissions. More than anything, he explained in his interview, how transmission system operators in Europe are facing an asset management problem.

“There is obviously an asset management element,” he said. “First of all, the grid itself is an existing asset with a very large number of components. There is an element of ‘how do you manage outages’ of this asset optimally, and ‘how do you manage the replacement of components’. This is in the context of an evolving asset which was, in the past, mostly between large generators and large transmission networks into today’s systems that are much more diffused – renewable generation, prosumers – and the challenge is how to plan your system in relation to this new topology. There are fundamental decisions to be made as to which parts of my asset I should invest in and what is the most strategic ‘next step’ I need to take given these mid- to long-term objectives.”

Just as incorporating the knowledge of experts into our models help our clients to better understand their complex systems, exposure to experts like Schmitt, de Lumley, Turkisch, and Forget help me to better understand the challenges our clients face. It’s clear to me that our Augmented Intelligence has a real role to play in helping clients in all industries succeed in their digital transformation and in overcoming their most significant challenges.

Our newsletter is available now and also includes complimentary access to some exclusive research from Gartner. The research report, Why Decision Makers Should Care Less About Data and More About Their Gut, explores the ways that combining human experience and intuition with data and analytics can lead to better decisions. It’s something that we’ve long advocated at Cosmo Tech where our approach and technology – what we broadly call Augmented Intelligence – are not about replacing decision makers with artificial intelligence or diminishing them by pointing to correlations – some of them spurious – in historical data, but instead help them combine their knowledge and expertise with the data they gather and the causation we identify in their systems.

You can access the Gartner research, all of the interviews, and some exclusive bonus content by clicking through to our newsletter here.

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