Cosmo Tech co-founder and Executive Chairman Michel Morvan will keynote the 2018 Ecosummit Paris event this afternoon. A global thought leader in Augmented Intelligence, Morvan will address the audience of business people, investors, government and non-governmental organisations, and assembled media on the ways in which the smart, green city of the future will be powered by Augmented Intelligence.

The day-long event in Paris is the first of two to be held this spring across Europe by Ecosummit, the smart, green business network. Describing its conferences as “physical marketplaces enabling business development, co-investing, open innovation and corporate venturing”, the Ecosummit team has organised 17 international conferences in cities such as Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Düsseldorf where more than 3000 participants have been exposed to hundreds of cutting-edge companies.

This is Cosmo Tech’s second appearance at an Ecosummit event after co-founder and CEO Hugues de Bantel was an invited speaker at Ecosummit Berlin in While the Lyon-based technology company remains focused on addressing the challenges faced by critical infrastructure firms, for Cosmo Tech VP Marketing Dylan Kissane the opportunity to speak at the Ecosummit was one the firm could not pass up.

“Clearly we have the software solutions that utilities, transport operators, and oil and gas firms are looking for and, indeed, the Augmented Intelligence that we provide is already benefiting clients in the critical infrastructure sphere,” he explained. “Yet Augmented Intelligence is set to power not only transformation in the infrastructure sector but more broadly across industry, across cities, and across the world. Michel Morvan has a chance to share a glimpse of that future at the Ecosummit today.”

The Ecosummit and Augmented Intelligence

Morvan’s speech will touch on the complexity of the modern urban environment and the challenges that city leaders face in making optimal decisions for the decades to come. Standard approaches, he will explain, rely on city leaders asking area experts to optimise their own individual systems or silos. However, the complexity of the city – a true ‘system-of-systems’ – means that this siloed optimisation is unlikely to lead to an optimal outcome overall. Instead of local optimisation, then, a global, holistic approach is required, an approach that goes beyond big data and data science, and complements artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to complexity. Built on the world’s leading complex systems modeling and simulation platform, Cosmo Tech’s solutions provide decision makers with the Augmented Intelligence and interconnected insights they need to make the right choices today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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