Cosmo Tech’s new eBook Reshaping the World with Augmented Intelligence is the latest proof that the technology startup from Lyon, France is determined to make its mark on all sorts of verticals. With chapters recounting how the company’s unique modeling and simulation approach to complex systems is delivering value to the C-suites of utilities, transport operators, and city planners alike, the impact of Cosmo Tech and its Augmented Intelligence solutions are clearly demonstrated. But for Cosmo Tech Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane, this latest eBook goes further than just explaining the success that Cosmo Tech has already achieved and, instead, offers some insights into the future applications of the company’s industry-validated technology.

“It’s satisfying for a marketer to be able tell the world how your solutions are already working, to offer up a use case or a customer success story and demonstrate how your clients are taking full advantage of your software in the present,” he said. “But when you can point to the potential for a technology to be applied in new fields, and especially when those fields are among the hottest stories in technology today, well that’s an entirely different level of excitement.”

Kissane explains that the eBook consists of five chapters with two explaining the success that companies are experiencing with Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence solutions right now.

“We have a chapter on the utilities sector where our applications are offering double-digit improvements over ‘business as usual’ scenarios;” Kissane said, “Another chapter highlights the transport sector where Augmented Intelligence is being used to escape siloed thinking in rail, road, and multimodal transport systems.”

Another chapter is focused on the smart energy, smart cities, and smart territories, all three areas where Cosmo Tech has invested significant resources along with its partners in recent years. With a global trend towards greater urbanisation continuing unabated, the complexity of the modern city is only increasing with every passing year.

“As the eBook explains, ignoring this complexity isn’t smart. In fact, it’s the opposite of smart and the opposite of what intelligent decision makers should be doing,” Kissane explains. “All too often city officials continue to think in silos and this sort of decision making is almost inevitably going to cause problems as complexity increases.”

The final chapter of the eBook offers some suggestions about the future applications of Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence. Though the number and type of complex systems is essentially unlimited, four in particular are highlighted for the significant and positive impact that adopting a modeling and simulation approach can have:

  • Responding the pandemic diseases and other emergency situations;
  • Fundamental research into cancer and other diseases;
  • Public policy research and policy agenda setting;
  • Financial system speculation, exploitation, and regulation.

“The potential for Augmented Intelligence to contribute to a better, smarter, more sustainable, and more profitable world is hard to overstate,” said the Cosmo Tech Director of Marketing. “This eBook outlines in some detail both the current applications of Augmented Intelligence solutions across different industries as well as future applications that have the potential to disrupt verticals sorely in need of a shake-up.”

Reshaping the World with Augmented Intelligence is available as a free download from the Cosmo Tech website.

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