Cosmo Tech VP Inbound Marketing Dylan Kissane spent the last four days in Nairobi, Kenya, representing the company and presenting its technology to global influencers and leaders gathered in the city for the UN Science Policy Business Forum.


Cosmo Tech was one of a small number of technology startups invited to attend the event and take the lead in developing a structure by which open innovation can flourish in the pursuit of human, social, and environmentally sustainable development goals.


“It was an intense three days,” reported Kissane, “and it is clear that startups like Cosmo Tech can and should play a role in driving innovation and effecting real change as governments and enterprise work to tackle threats from climate change.”


The Science Policy Business Forum opened on Friday 8 March with closed sessions discussing how startups should be presented during the event, and the challenges and opportunities that can empower or endanger startup success. Cosmo Tech was invited to attend and participate in these closed sessions, and Kissane also attended the high-level lunch that followed.


“These closed sessions enabled Cosmo Tech to help set the agenda for the two days that followed and exposed our technology to influencers from the United Nations Environment agency, government representatives from diverse countries, and other startups active in energy, transport, and other areas of focus,” said Kissane.


Saturday 9 March saw the UN Science Policy Business open sessions begin, and Cosmo Tech was active in attending sessions on big data, data analytics, and innovation. Leading companies, including IBM and Philips, led some of these sessions and a consistent theme throughout was the need for best practices – whether emerging from enterprise or startups – being shared and adopted globally.


Sunday 10 March was the day that Kissane would speak at the Forum, presenting the Cosmo Tech Changes the World project Prepare Respond for the first time publicly. The session was presided over by Siim Kiisler, the Minister of Environment of Estonia and the President of the fourth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly.


“After months of work on this project by the Cosmo Tech team it was incredible to be able to present our vision in such a place and in front of such high-level individuals,” explained Kissane.


Following his presentation, Mr. Kiisler noted that preparing and responding to natural disasters resulting from the impacts of climate change was one of the areas highlighted in the UNEA’s draft resolution that would be voted on this week in Nairobi by the representatives of 193 member states.


“It’s more than encouraging,” commented Kissane, “to know that Cosmo Tech’s Prepare Respond project is targeted so precisely on an area identified as key by the UNEA, and key to a better future for vulnerable people around the world.”




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