Cosmo Tech will be attending Digihall Day on 22 May in Paris.


Held at Nano-Innov at the University of Paris-Saclay, DigiHall Day is an event sponsored by SystemX, an Institute for Technological Research (IRT). IRT represents a new dynamic of innovation for France and is aimed at strengthening territorial attractiveness. Cosmo Tech has previously worked with IRT SystemX on various smart territories projects, including developing an application dedicated to optimizing multimodal transport systems in urban environments. It offers municipalities and transport service providers a way to model and simulate their interconnected systems to better align with their customers while recognizing their constraints


Digihall Day is a one-day tech show, with over 100 technology demonstrations, where visitors will have the opportunity to visualize and test various advanced equipment. The four key themes of this year include Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Physical Systems, Cyber Security & Digital Trust, and Industry of the Future. These themes will all revolve around subjects such as Mobility, Energy, Environment, Health, Industry, and more.  This year’s demonstrations include real-time food block chain auditing, production scrap detection and diagnosis, deep learning for the autonomous vehicle, and every-efficient electronic circuitry for IoT. Also participating are more than 1,000 industrial, institutional, and academic partners.


Presentations are scheduled surrounding topics such as urban development such as modeling, simulation, and optimization of long-term energy infrastructure plans. Cosmo Tech’s co-founder and IRT SystemX President, Michel Morvan, recently gave a keynote presentation at Ecosummit Berlin at the beginning of the month on the subject of augmented intelligence for smart, green cities.


“In the case of mobility, the problem that you face when you want to consider it in a city, is that it is much more complex than just mobility. Because it has an impact on the energy, for example. If you have more and more electric cars for mobility, then you have to take that into account for your grid and for energy production,” he said. “That, of course, can have an impact on other things, for example if you are looking at waste to energy, it has an impact on waste.”


Cosmo Tech uses modeling and simulation of complex systems to be able to predict the behavior of those impacts, as well as run what-if scenarios to see how decisions taken on one network affect another. Proposed platforms are for areas such as Smart Energy Planning (SEP); electric, natural gas, and water transmission and distribution; urban transport and mass transit systems; and regional and high-speed rail networks, which all help to optimize long-term critical infrastructure planning.


Morvan will open DigiHall Day by giving an inspiring call to arms for the French research, small business, and corporate worlds in an era of digital transformation.


” I strongly believe that France can be the world leader in this digital transformation and that IRT SystemX, through the grouping of all actors – academic, SMEs, and large corporations – will be the spearhead.” he says. ” Indeed, our unique model is an unstoppable asset to accelerate transfers to industry.”


Morvan has been involved with IRT SystemX since it’s creation in 2012, recently being appointed President in their April 2018 elections. You can find him, along with other members of Cosmo Tech’s Sales team at DigiHall. This is a busy week for Cosmo Tech, as various members of upper-level management and Sales & Marketing teams will be present at events throughout France and the UK.



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