Less than two weeks after the launch of the new Cosmo Tech brand one of the most popular pages of the new website is a brand new venture from the Cosmo Tech marketing team: the @cosmotechweb social wall.

The page gathers together all of Cosmo Tech’s social media posts in a single interface, allowing visitors and fans to keep close track of what Cosmo Tech is sharing on sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

For Cosmo Tech Marketing and Communications Manager Julien Marbouty, the social wall is a means for Cosmo Tech to more quickly and easily communicate its social media messaging with social followers in real-time, and in one location.

“One of the challenges for followers of a company like Cosmo Tech on social media is that there are so many different channels to keep up with,” he explained. “A follower on Facebook might miss messages on Twitter, a video shared on YouTube might slip down the LinkedIn feed of a follower where we also shared it, and it’s difficult for followers to keep up with the entirety of any company’s social media messaging. The social wall means that everything is in one place, updated in real time, and infinitely scrollable so that nothing is getting missed.”

In addition to the company’s social media feeds, however, the Cosmo Tech social wall also curates relevant content from across the web that will interest followers of the Cosmo Tech channels. This added value is part of what Cosmo Tech Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane believes is driving visitors to the Cosmo Tech social wall.

“Not only do visitors to the Cosmo Tech Social Wall find all of our social media messages, they also find a curated collection of social media, blog posts, and breaking news from key industries and clients that Cosmo Tech works with,” Kissane said. “In essence, this is a one-stop-shop for news about Cosmo Tech but also about the industries and companies that are embracing our augmented intelligence approach to complex systems.”

Visit the Cosmo Tech Social Wall.

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