Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of The CoSMo Company Michel Morvan has penned an op-ed in Les Echos, France’s leading business newspaper, this morning arguing for a new vision for France.

In his exclusive op-ed Morvan argued that the management of a country is anything but simple because a country itself is an example of a complex system. Every decision that a leader makes has effects that cascade through that system, and mastering those effects and making optimal decisions is critical for national success. The solution to this complexity is a combination of two things: new technology and a diverse team to drive that technology and offer their insights.

An expert in complex systems, Morvan has long argued that complexity is both a challenge to decision makers and also the place where their solutions will be found. The unique intellectual property that CoSMo has developed and that now aids executives in asset-intensive and highly networked industries to make optimal decisions in theory own complex systems would be a key element helping a hypothetical President Morvan negotiate the political world of France in 2017.

But importantly, Morvan also points to another strength of The CoSMo Company – it’s diverse team – as a means for the government to lift is performance in complex and challenging times.

“Our 70 employees come from 13 countries, speak 11 languages, have worked on every continent and have studied in 60 different universities. This diversity is one of the keys to our creativity and our success, and we should find it at the top of government, too!”

Michel Morvan, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of The CoSMo Company

This is the second time in recent weeks that Morvan has been called on to share his vision for the future of France. On November 30th 2016 Morvan was one of twelve leading French thinkers who were asked by the Enterprise Institute (Institut de L’Entreprise) to share how they would address the challenges of the future if they were to serve as French President. Well received during the event, Morvan’s ideas for the future of his country were later published on the institute’s Medium page and highlighted in leading French newspaper Le Figaro.

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