Cosmo Tech will be hosting a webinar this Wednesday, 4 July at 3 pm (CET).


The webinar will be hosted by Cosmo Tech’s Chief Revenue Officer Thierry de Lumley, VP Marketing Dylan Kissane, and CGI Business Consulting’s Director Frédéric Turkisch.


Centered around shutdowns and turnaround planning, the webinar will provide participants with the knowledge and tools they will need to use complex simulations to make optimal decisions. Weighing in on these issues will be de Lumley, Kissane and Turkisch, whose combined expertise in the fields of both shutdown and turnaround planning and complex simulation should provide participants with insights on their best practices. Finishing the webinar will be a Question & Answer portion, where participants will be able to directly ask questions about the subject of the webinar and its surrounding topics.


At Cosmo Tech’s core is complex simulation. Cosmo Tech’s co-founder and Executive Chairman, Michel Morvan, is a recognized world leader in the study of complexity. The technology that Cosmo Tech brings to strategic decision-making processes was born in fundamental scientific research in complexity theory and the study of complex natural and human systems.


By using complex simulation, all parts of the business are modeled as elements in a single system, so that the impact of changes in one area on another can be accounted for. This holistic approach means decision makers are never surprised by unintended consequences and can instead balance risk and reward in the more appropriate manner. By adopting complex simulation for shutdown and turnaround planning, the different departments are no longer viewed in silos, and therefore the planning process is streamlined to improve workflow, reduce cascading effects, and make optimal decisions. Comso Tech’s solutions provide users with the abilities to configure plans and constraints, simulate planning, and analyze conflicts. The webinar will go further in-depth on the numerous benefits of complex simulation, as well as provide a use case to demonstrate its effectiveness.


This will be one of many webinars Cosmo Tech will host in the coming months. The webinar series will feature some of Cosmo Tech’s team as well as leaders and experts in various sectors such as water, rail, electricity, transportation, and oil & gas. The full title of the webinar is How to Test and Improve Planning for Your Shutdowns and Turnarounds? The Benefits of Complex Simulation. Participants can register here.



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