Cosmo Tech’s Aaron Forshaw and Pete Massey will be attending the Water Industry Asset Management Conference in Birmingham, UK on 10 May.

The Water Industry Asset Management Conference (WIAMC), now in its sixth year, is an event dedicated to asset managers in the water industry in charge of physical and non-physical assets. The conference will give attendees the opportunity to hear leaders in the water industry share their experiences of asset management, capital investment planning, innovation and intelligent data use, and procurement strategy overhauls, all through a series of thought-provoking presentations and case studies, high-level debates, Q&A forums, and dedicated networking sessions.

Forshaw and Massey work for Cosmo Tech from their UK office. Armed with plenty of experience regarding water and wastewater infrastructures, they are ready to head to WIAMC to discuss how Cosmo Tech’s ability to model complex systems can be of huge benefit for critical infrastructure managers.

“Though from outside they might appear to be a single corporate whole, every organization is a dynamic system of sub-systems and interconnected parts. Decisions made in one part of the business can and do have impacts far beyond that part of the business. The interconnections across and interrelationships between different parts of the organization mean that siloed thinking leads to siloed, rather than corporate optimization,” says Foreshaw.

Cosmo Tech has already partnered with the Syndicat des Eaux d’ile de France (France), a water network owner in the Paris region, by modeling the water system, helping them to identify critical consumption points, distribution points, and pumping stations in the event of a crisis, such as the accidental or intentional contamination or breakdown of a major production site. This shows exactly how Cosmo Tech’s solutions can help deliver long-term asset strategy.

Forshaw and Massey are planning to show other water industry leaders just how much augmented intelligence can do for them. WIAMC is the only industry event for senior asset management, capital delivery, supply chain and procurement leaders within water companies and tier 1 contractors. More than 160 attendees are registered to attend the event.


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