This weekend, Cosmo Tech’s Sales team will be at EVS 32 in Lyon, France. 


The Electric Vehicle Symposium 32 (EVS 32) is a four-day event dedicated to sustainable mobility, bringing together science, institutions, and industry.


EVS is the leading international event to address the issues of electrification, connectivity, and driverless vehicles. The various components of electric mobility will be on display, from markets to vehicle battery technology (hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell), motorcycles to trucks, and charging facilities to related services and public policy. The symposium is an opportunity for companies to promote products and services and for all attendees to learn more about the latest technology and developments related to its core competencies, as well as test new technology in real conditions during vehicle tests. EVS is also a forum where leading personalities from the electric mobility industry come to speak, providing a platform for national, regional, and European public decision-makers, who will be speaking at plenary sessions, presenting an opportunity to compare public policy with industrial strategy. 


EVS takes place from 19 May to 22 May at the Eurexpo Congress Center. Lyon is highly involved in the development of electric mobility, being home to research centers, innovation clusters, and manufacturers of electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, and driverless vehicles. EVS will welcome 150 exhibitors, 2000 delegates, 160 lecture sessions, and over 5000 visitors. Traditionally, EVS has been an academic symposium for global networking and the exchange of scientific ideas and information. However, for this year’s edition, the program will be broken down into two main streams – the Scientific Series and the AVERE E-Mobility Conference (AEC2019) Series, rounded off with three high-level plenary sessions spread across the duration of the Symposium.


At this event, Cosmo Tech is partnering with Start and Grow (SnG) Consulting, a company that supports decision makers through engineering, information systems consulting, and management consulting. Cosmo Tech has previously partnered with SnG for their Asset Management Interview Series, featuring Macha Barreau, Senior Consultant and CEO of SnG Consulting. 


EVS is open to the public on Sunday, 19 May from 10:30am to 8pm.


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