Featured in Industrie Mag, GRTGaz recently chose Comso Tech as well as BearingPoint to help optimize their asset management strategy.


GRTgaz is France’s leading natural gas transmission system operator, transporting natural gas to industrial customers and public distribution networks. The operating system consists of high pressure gas pipelines covering almost all of France, which includes a primary network of the largest pipes spanning a distance of 8,346 kilometers and a regional network of smaller diameters measuring 23,974 meters. BearingPoint, a multinational management and technology consulting firm headquartered in the Netherlands, was also chosen to partake in this journey.


Cosmo Tech has been chosen by GRTgaz to help optimize their asset management strategy, using Cosmo Tech’s Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) solution. GRTgaz wanted to better understand the aging process and determine the impact of the various maintenance operations on them. By understanding these interactions, GRTgaz could eventually have an optimal arbitration tool between OPEX (operating expenses) and CAPEX (capital expenditures), validate its asset management strategies and, more broadly, lead to a more efficient and relevant asset management strategy, while creating savings for the company.


Working with Cosmo Tech and BearingPoint enables GRTgaz to explore an original method to evaluate all its optimization efforts and to take a fresh look at the issues related to asset management throughout its system. During this partnership, GRTgaz, Cosmo Tech, and BearingPoint will focus on a specific class of assets including pipelines, coatings, and cathodic protection. Cosmo Tech’s AIO for Gas application offers everyone from asset managers to industry leaders the chance to profit from augmented intelligence, to understand the impacts of each and every decision across the entire gas network, and to choose the optimal strategy, process, or policy from thousands of “what-if” scenarios simulated on the platform. By using AIO, GRTgaz will be able to view their entire pipeline network in a single, holistic view, allowing them to visualize network interconnections and to see how one decision can affect another portion of their network. AIO enables decision makers to justify every decision with data, demonstrate the strength of a strategic plan with a model, and make the case for strategic investment with a reliable, auditable, and repeatable model. 


Read the original article here (in French). 


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