Team building was the name of the game for the Cosmo Tech team as they decamped recently from the company’s Lyon headquarters to a lakeside location for the day. The annual event is a highlight of the early summer on the Cosmo Tech calendar and this year the trip to the Lake Aiguebelette had the company enjoying warm weather, blue skies, and cool waters in France’s Savoie region.

For Cosmo Tech Applications Manager Adrian Stanciu one of the highlights of the day was travelling together with almost the entire Cosmo Tech team.

“It’s analogous to our mission at Cosmo Tech,” he explained. “We were all together, moving in the same direction, heading to the same destination, and everyone was in a great mood.”

On arrival, the Cosmonauts, as Cosmo Tech employees are known, enjoyed the water and surrounding areas taking on a variety of challenges including swimming, boating, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding before a team lunch.

Cosmo Tech Business Developer Fernanda Guajardo enjoyed her first attempt at paddle boarding, especially when she found herself sharing a board with a fellow Cosmonaut.

“It was both great fun and hilarious,” she said. “There were five of us on an oversized board trying our best to move around the lake without falling in the water. Of course, this being my first time, I ended up falling off the board a few times, but I always kept a smile on my face!”

After enjoying a lunch hour in the shade, the Cosmonauts headed out into the nature once again. Hiking and exploring the nearby forest was a popular activity for the most active on the Cosmo Tech team, while those seeking to enjoy some of the early summer sun were content to rest lakeside and relax.

Cosmo Tech Marketing and Communications Manager Julien Marbouty enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Cosmonauts from teams he normally wouldn’t work closely with.

“I enjoyed learning more about my colleagues, especially during the activities on the lake,” he said. “When you are together with others in a canoe or on a boat in the middle of a lake there is really no escape – but ‘no escape’ in the best possible way! Any chance to learn more about the people I work with is one I will grab with both hands.”

Communication and Marketing Intern Fiona Minchella agreed and added “It was great that we were able to choose how we wanted to spend the day. Boating, hiking, relaxing – nothing was obligatory and the day was ours to create.”

For event organiser and Cosmo Tech Office Manager Shanti Mentec this togetherness and bonding really got to the heart of the day on the lake.

“Cosmonauts spend so much time working hard behind their computer screens, on client projects, and in meetings that taking a day once in a while to destress and connect with the rest of team is so valuable,” she said. “Our team building event this year was a great success and really brought the entire Cosmo Tech group closer together.”

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