Cosmo Tech joined startups, technology companies, defence contractors, and the French business community at a CCI Paris-sponsored event today focused on open innovation and the defence sector. Co-sponsored and headlined by the French Ministry of the Army and the Ministry of Defence, the event attracted companies interested in partnering with one of the most diverse and strategically important government departments in the country.

Cosmo Tech’s Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane represented the Lyon and San Francisco-based technology company in the half-day event in Paris. For Kissane, whose background is in international security and international relations, it was the perfect opportunity to bring his long experience in international politics to bear in promoting Cosmo Tech’s solutions for the defence and national security sector.

“Cosmo Tech is the world-leader in complex systems modeling and simulation and decision management,” he said, “and France’s defence sector is a clearly complex system where the need for making optimal decisions is critical.”

Kissane explained that one of the key elements that the French Ministry of Defence must consider before any international security action is logistics. With supply lines often stretching thousands of kilometers from bases in France to forces deployed in Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania, keeping the French armed forces supplied with the equipment they need is a challenge for decision makers who must balance dynamic constraints constantly.

“Optimising logistics is one area where Cosmo Tech can offer real value to the defence sector,” said Kissane, “but Cosmo Tech’s industry-validated approach to complex systems modeling and simulation means that it is far from the only area where our platform can serve decision makers. There is few areas that are more complex than the modern battlefield and Cosmo Tech’s innovative software has a lot to offer the French military as they serve and protect the nation.”

The event was one of a series of open innovation events that Cosmo Tech has recently attended and comes only months after its own highly lauded and Accenture co-sponsored open innovation event hosted by HUB bpi France.

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