Co-founder Michel Morvan recently spoke at Ecosummit Paris, an event gathering professionals ranging from startups and investors to large corporations who are focused on smart green energy, mobility, and cities.

Using an example of the Paris public transport system, Morvan explains his solution for moving people efficiently and in a sustainable way. “Well, it’s quite complex,” he explains. “You have to be able to make optimal decisions, investment decisions, infrastructure decisions. It’s extremely complex. And it’s more complex than that…it’s not only mobility, because mobility is connected to a lot of things, but energy. The more you have interactions between electric bikers, the more you will have interactions between energy networks.”

Cosmo Tech’s own Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) has helped decision makers, Asset Managers and C Suite executives make optimal decisions regarding their transformation to become more sustainable. By inputting asset information into AIO, users can see exactly how their city is linked by visualizing their network connections. Because the impacts on one network can affect multiple others, it’s important to view the problems using a holistic approach.

Cosmo Tech sees Augmented Intelligence as the way of the future. By using recognition algorithms that human beings experience coupled with the expertise of industry experts, Cosmo Tech has created something that is smarter than the human.

This talk comes after Alstom just signed a deal with the Paris Transport Authority (RATP) to provide 20 additional trains for the metro, which will consume 45% less energy and 100% electric regenerative braking, according to the International Railway Journal.

Morvan has always been passionate about embracing complexity.

“What we try to provide is to go from complexity to clarity. Meaning that when you see something very complex in your domain, in your city, rather than saying ‘Oh, how can I get rid of it?’ Use it. Find the value. There is a huge value here,” he says.

Watch Morvan’s full speech at Ecosummit by clicking on the video below.


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