Last week, Cosmo Tech attended Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.


Web Summit is known as Europe’s largest gathering for technology-based startups, investors, and media.


Thanks to the recent fundraising efforts, plenty of interested companies stopped by Cosmo Tech’s stand to talk to Executive Chairman and co-founder, Michel Morvan, and VP Marketing Dylan Kissane. They had heard about Cosmo Tech through Web Summit’s ‘The most in-demand startups at Web Summit 2018‘ that was published right before the event. Participants are only allowed one day to promote their company, so they have to make that one day count.


The second day at Web Summit was not only packed with meetings for Morvan, but also with a keynote address and a round table discussion on the Growth Summit stage. During his keynote, he addressed Cosmo Tech is using augmented intelligence for asset optimization.


“Decision makers at every level tell you that their business is changing and won’t be same tomorrow as it is today,” he said. “But they also tell you that they are basing their decisions for the future on historical data. That makes no sense. You can’t predict what’s coming around the bend by looking in the rear view mirror.” To hear more insights from Morvan, watch the full video here.


Alongside Morvan at the round table were CEO’s and founders of some equally impressive high-growth technology startups: Tamara Mellon, Perk Box, Gremlin, and Firebrand Group. They all gave insights on hyper growth and scaling up their companies.


Cosmo Tech even had a surprise visit from Minister Mounir Majhoubi. Passionate about developing digital policy in France, Minister Majhoubi stopped by several companies that belong to La French Tech, France’s association dedicated to technologically innovative French business, especially startups, of which Cosmo Tech is also a part of.


Included among some of the speakers were Pinterest’s CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann, Medium’s Ev Williams, CTO and co-founder of Slack Cal Henderson, and a number of prominent executives from the tech industry, startups, media, and investors. The conference was attended by close to 69,000 participants, from 159 countries. There was also an impressive representation from The French Tech, and specifically from the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Digital League, of which Cosmo Tech is a part of.






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