Cosmo Tech’s Business Developer for Energy and Utilities Maxime Le Pendeven will be attending and event by CITEPH in Paris today, 10 January.


Held at La Defense in Paris, this one-day event is a call for projects, gathering project leaders in one place to come and meet representatives of the program’s major clients such as experts, department heads, and operational managers. CITEPH is an organization that fosters collaborative technological innovation in energy domains. It allows sharing the view on technology innovation needs, their deployment and implementation and the financial risks of R&D. 


The CITEPH program provides access to private funding for innovative R&D projects in the energy sector. It brings together innovative project leaders with major sponsor principals and brings out collaborative innovation projects. CITEPH allows project leaders to initiate technological developments that can be applied directly by sponsors, thanks to their funding. This program also helps project leaders, particularly small to medium enterprises, intermediate-sized enterprises, and startups, to manage projects. Sponsors include Engie, Naval Group, and Total. During the day, participants have the opportunity to do networking with the sponsors, as well as set up meetings. 


Le Pendeven will be presenting Cosmo Tech’s Asset software solution for the energy market. Cosmo Tech works with companies at all stages of energy including production, transmission, and distribution. They have proven the success of its Asset, recently by developing a solution in partnership with RTE, by helping them model their complex network of assets and run simulations to determine optimal asset investment, maintenance, and renewal strategies. 


Unlike artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies that might seek to take the place of humans in a decision-making process, Cosmo Tech Asset engages its Augmented Intelligence tools to encapsulate and then leverage human knowledge and expertise. 


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