Cosmo Tech has returned from another successful international event at Innogrid 2020, the leading European event for innovation in electricity networks, in Brussels, Belgium. Co-sponsored by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and the European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids (EDSO), the sixth annual event this year focused on areas that were entirely aligned with Cosmo Tech’s vision for the future of the electricity grid.

The organisers of the event understood that conceptions of the electrical grid are changing in Europe from an isolated and separate network to a network that is increasingly interconnected with other networks and systems in a diverse range of domains. Innogrid 2020’s website stated that the focus of discussions this year would be on the “rising network of networks, where power grids and transport, telecom and IT, digital and physical link up in an unprecedented manner.”

For Cosmo Tech VP of Sales EMEA Baptiste Jouffroy, the focus by Innogrid 20202 organisers and attendees on these ‘networks of networks’ aligns perfectly with Cosmo Tech’s approach to complex systems, and systems of systems.

“There is increasingly wide recognition that systems like the electrical grid cannot be considered, managed, maintained, and forecasted without also considering their interconnections with other systems,” he explained. “For grid operators, for TSOs, for DSOs, and for regulators, too, this reality demands the sort of technology that, presently, only Cosmo Tech can provide.”

Jouffroy attended Innogrid 2020 along with Cosmo Tech Solutions Consultant Sotiris Prokopiou and International Business Developer Fernanda Guajardo. Both were positive about the interactions they had with grid operators, transmission utilities, and distribution utilities from across Europe.

“Cosmo Tech’s industry-validated approach to modeling and simulating complex electricity utility systems is exactly what utilities in Europe are looking for right now,” explains Prokopiou, “and we’ve met with Innogrid 2020 attendees from all corners of Europe, introduced our platform, and had some very positive responses.”

Guajardo agreed and added, “Not only is our software attracting interest but our methodology and approach, our commitment to augmented intelligence instead of a generic big data or artificial intelligence solution, and our success working with major clients in the electrical grid space like RTE and EDF means people listen when Cosmo Tech talks.”

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