Along with the launch of the Cosmo Tech website last week, the Lyon and San Francisco based startup also launched a number of social media channels that will empower the company to reach a growing and active community of followers online.

The Cosmo Tech social program is managed by the company’s marketing and communications team, the only non-executive team in the company with a permanent presence in both Europe and North America. Cosmo Tech Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane explained that he is excited by both the new social media channels that Cosmo Tech have launched in conjunction with the launch of the company’s new website.

“Cosmo Tech has previously focused its social media outreach on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, but we realise that audiences are increasingly attracted to social networks outside of these so-called ‘big three’,” he said. “Recognising this demand among our community for more visual content, we’ve launched dedicated Instagram and YouTube channels and will be uploading content regularly to serve those audiences.”

For Marketing and Communications Manager Julien Marbouty the launch of the Cosmo Tech brand was a chance to align the social media channels of the company around a single online handle.

“In the past as we’ve added to our social media outreach we have had trouble aligning the names of our channels in a way that makes it simple for our followers to find us,” he said. “Now we have made it easier than ever to follow Cosmo Tech on social media with a single social media handle – cosmotechweb – for all of our social profiles on all of our social networks.”

Cosmo Tech’s social media channels can be found on the following social networks:

Pinterest: pinterest/com/cosmotechweb

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