Cosmo Tech and partner Nexant have concluded a successful showing at the 2017 Grid Edge Forum in San Jose, California. Over three days the two firms met with industry experts and utility representatives from across California, the western United States, and visitors from around the world drawn to one of the keystone events of the electricity transmission and distribution utility calendar.

Cosmo Tech and Nexant are well-prepared to address the demands of the North American market. Nexant provides innovative software, consulting, and services to utilities, energy enterprises, and chemical companies so they can be more productive and lead the way to a better tomorrow. Cosmo Tech complements this consulting and services approach with its industry-validated augmented intelligence technology that models and simulates complex utility systems and helps the C-suite make optimal decisions.

For Cosmo Tech’s North America Director of Solutions Kevin Cheung the Grid Edge event was a chance to demonstrate the company’s Smart Energy Planning application to an audience hungry for real solutions to their energy challenges.

“Our Smart Energy Planning application responds to the sorts of questions that leaders in the energy space are asking,” explained Cheung. “For example, how will the demand for power change with time? How will an aging population impact the demand for energy during off-peak hours? How will electric vehicles and residential charging stations impact the demand for electricity overnight? And will climate change make heating an apartment less expensive, more expensive, or have no impact at all?”

Cheung continues, “Grid managers, municipalities, and city planners need technology that identifies causes, not correlations. They need to be able to identify what will happen in the future even if it is something that has never happened before. More than ever they also need to understand the interconnections that drive the demand for energy and anticipate how that demand will evolve with time. These needs are met with Cosmo Tech’s Smart Energy Planning application and there was plenty of interest when I presented a live demonstration of the application on the Cosmo Tech-Nexant booth at Grid Edge.”

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