Cosmo Tech CEO and co-founder Hugues de Bantel joined Florent Menegaux of Michelin and Olivier Ginon of GL Events center stage at the Mardis Raise event in Lyon yesterday evening. The three business leaders shared their experiences around the theme of managing international growth, and the Cosmo Tech chief identified strong collaboration between startups and larger companies as the magic bullet for both.

“Open innovation is not simply a way for a startup to hitch their wagon to a bigger, stronger horse,” de Bantel said. “Instead, strong relationships between startups and large companies deliver benefits for both partners. For the startup it is a chance to enter new markets with the support of a trusted name, while for the larger company it is a chance to differentiate their offer with the help of the innovative technology the startup provides.”

De Bantel offered some specific examples of Cosmo Tech’s international growth that has been driven by its close collaboration and cooperation with larger partners. He pointed to projects in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States where Cosmo Tech’s strong open innovation relationships with companies like RTE and Veolia have enabled them to enter new markets effectively.

The event was presented by RAISE, a French venture capital firm founded by Clara Gaymard and Gonzague de Blignières that regularly hosts events in the technology sector. Though the firm is based in Paris, this special edition of the Mardi Raise event took place at the Tour Oxygene in Lyon.

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