The Third Annual Maddy Keynote event took place in Paris yesterday and Cosmo Tech’s VP Marketing Dylan Kissane was on hand to learn, share, network, and talk Augmented Intelligence. Always a highlight on the marketing, communications, and technology calendar in France, this year’s event was particularly relevant for Cosmo Tech as participants and speakers engaged around the topic of the City of the Future.

“Maddy Keynote is a special event where every type of business, from startup to multinational, can exchange on the variety of ways in which digital technologies are transforming the way that commerce is done,” said Kissane. “At the same time, marketers and communication professionals are present to discuss and debate how best to translate this transformation for clients and the wider public. It’s a space for sharing new ideas, but also for learning from leaders in the field and adopting best practices from others in the French Tech community.”

Among the invited guests at Maddy Keynote’s third edition were key actors in the European critical infrastructure space keen to explore the ideas surrounding the City of the Future. Among these industry leaders were Cosmo Tech clients EDF and SNCF, as well as mass-transit leader RATP and wireless technology standout Orange Labs.

“Listening to leading voices in the critical infrastructure space speak about the challenges they are facing, the technologies they are embracing to meet those challenges, and the ways in which innovative actors like Cosmo Tech are contributing their transformation was very encouraging,” said Kissane. “It’s clear that industry is open to the idea of innovating with the aid of startups and the technology sector, and that their digital transformation is tied to their engagement with companies just like Cosmo Tech.”

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