Cosmo Tech was on site this morning at the opening of the 2017 European Utility Week (EUW) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the single-largest annual meeting for the utilities sector in Europe each year. Attracting more than 12,000 attendees from across the utility sector, the event brings together more than 600 major utilities and the diverse companies that support and supply them.

Cosmo Tech VP of Global Sales Baptiste Jouffroy leads the Cosmo Tech delegation to the event this year and is expecting positive and constructive engagements with existing and future clients and partners.

“EUW is one of the world’s highest profile events for utilities, in particular in the electrical utilities sector,” he said. “This high-profile means that Cosmo Tech can meet with our existing clients, engage with potential clients, and connect with the partners that are helping to bring Cosmo Tech technology to utilities in Europe and beyond.”

Cosmo Tech’s flagship solution delivering Augmented Intelligence for Critical Infrastructure, including utilities, is Asset Investment Optimization, or AIO. This powerful software enables decision makers to model and simulate their complex industrial systems and then determine the optimal strategies for investment in and management of those systems. Already embraced by Europe’s largest electrical transmission system operator (TSO), France’s RTE, the software delivers powerful interconnected insights that help utilities to make better decisions and then justify those decisions to stakeholders and regulators.

Also representing Cosmo Tech at EUW is Senior Solutions Consultant Aaron Forshaw. Fresh from the recent Network Asset Performance Conference in Birmingham, Forshaw is looking forward to demonstrating the power of Cosmo Tech’s AIO solution on the grander scale of the European Utility Week.

“Utility sector decision makers implicitly understand that their systems are complex but most lack the tools to leverage this complexity in order to make better decisions,” he explains. “Cosmo Tech’s AIO solution empowers decision makers to embrace their complex systems and extract value where before they may have only seen uncertainty and risk.”

European Utility Week runs from 3 to 5 October at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center.

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