Cosmo Tech has concluded a successful European Utility Week in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The annual event, the largest of its type on the continent, has proved once again to be a hub of new thinking and reflection on the future of the utilities sector both in Europe and around the world, too.

“Every year the focus of European Utility Week shifts,” explains Cosmo Tech VP of Global Sales Baptiste Jouffroy. “It’s very dynamic, the one place where new thinking is consistently encountered across the board from startups with big ideas through to major players pushing their own boundaries.”

The major topics at this year’s event included digitisation efforts, the use of data in decision making, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence solutions for the utility sector. Tying all of these together was a push towards using these emerging technologies to support utilities in a new energy paradigm and through an energy transition that has proved challenging for many utilities.

“There’s a strong desire by utilities across the board to embrace technology to help them better manage their business in this period of energy transition. Utilities were open to technologies of all types providing they can demonstrate efficacy and value,” he said.

Smart grid technology and the industrialisation of smart grids at national scale were also major topics during the three-day event. Maria Sandqvist, Executive Director of the Forum for Swedish Smart Grid, explained that the complexity of the electricity market is growing and new approaches are required for strategic planning. France’s RTE also took advantage of the high-profile event to present the results of its research into smart grids and argued that the key benefit for utilities and energy consumers like are cost savings. Cosmo Tech, already working closely with RTE, is well placed to help utilities invest effectively in the smart grids of tomorrow.

“Not only do we have experience in modeling and simulating smart grids we are also invested in the roll out of these grids at scale,” said Jouffroy. “Cosmo Tech’s CEO, Hugues de Bantel, sits on the board of France’s premier smart grid association, Think Smartgrids, alongside RTE’s Deputy CEO, Olivier Grabette, and Philippe Monloubou of Enedis.”

Also attending the event was Senior Solutions Consultant Aaron Forshaw who, along with Jouffroy, took the opportunity to connect with utilities from across Europe.

“We met with TSOs and DSOs from across Europe. It’s clear from all our discussions that there is a strong desire in the asset management community for enhanced decision management, and that the Cosmo Tech approach to asset investment optimisation really resonates with decision makers.” Forshaw said. “We also had the chance to connect with academics and researchers from across Europe and demonstrate how Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence for Critical Infrastructure can model, simulate, and predict the complex networks in the utility sector.”

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