Cosmo Tech’s Michel Morvan was center stage today at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit as he delivered the keynote address in the Industry 4.0 session of the world’s leading deep technology conference. Morvan, the co-founder and President of Cosmo Tech and CEO of Cosmo Tech US, explained Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence approach to extracting value out of complex systems and offered multiple examples of how Augmented Intelligence can aid firms in negotiating their most critical decisions.

Industry 4.0 was one of the ten trends in deep technology that the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit organisers had identified ahead of the annual event in Paris. As businesses around the world struggle with the challenges that global supply chains, government regulation, investment walls, and diminishing margins place on the C-suite, Morvan’s explanation of the power of Augmented Intelligence to help in making optimal decisions was right on point.

“The applications of Augmented Intelligence are near limitless,” explained Cosmo Tech Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane. “If a company has identified that they are operating in a complex system then they can benefit from applying Augmented Intelligence in their decision making processes. As the business world grows increasingly complex, the potential for Augmented Intelligence to help businesses find the optimal strategy is only expanding.”

At a conference where the initialism ‘AI’ was more often associated with ‘Artificial Intelligence’ than ‘Augmented Intelligence’, Morvan’s address challenged the audience to consider the limits of artificial intelligence and the ways in which Augmented Intelligence can be complementary to these other technologies. As he explained from the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit main stage, while there are some areas in which data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence excel, when it comes to complexity and complex systems, there is a need to connect human experience to the technology that helps them to negotiate these systems.

Morvan joined other leading voices in deep technology speaking to issues across the Industry 4.0 theme including Esben Østergaard of Universal Robots and Luca Verre of Chronocam. Following Morvan’s keynote address the thematic session concluded with a ‘fireside chat’ between Lemelson–MIT Prize laureate and CEO of Carbon Joseph DeSimone and Gerd Manz, VP of Innovation at adidas. The fireside chat was moderated by Hal Hodson, the technology correspondent for The Economist.

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