Cosmo Tech will be present at CIGRE Paris from 26 – 31 August.

After a quiet month of August, Cosmo Tech’s Sales team is ready to jump back into the exhibition scene.

CIGRE is an international non-profit association for promoting collaboration on a national and international level. Founded in 1921, CIGRE is composed of more than 15,000 researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, CEO’s and other decision makers from over 100 countries. Their goal is to share and join forces in order to improve existing systems and build the electrical power systems of the future, from generation to distribution. Issues related to planning and operation of power systems, design and construction, maintenance and disposal of high-voltage equipment and plants, protection of electrical systems, and regulation are at the core of CIGRE’s mission.

CIGRE Paris is the international leading Power Systems event for technical experts worldwide, gathered to discuss and learn about the future of the industry and to display the latest solutions for the whole value chain. Held in even-numbered years and lasting a week, it is a comprehensive event that offers and extensive range of activities such as conferences, group discussion meetings, tutorials, technical exhibitions, and networking. With six days of conferences and five days of technical exhibitions as well as 16 fields of study committees, there is no shortage of events at CIGRE Paris. The main themes this year include the eco-design of equipment; maintenance, refurbishment, and life time of equipment; integration of renewables; and more.

The technical portion of the event includes attendees mainly from Utilities, TSOs & DSOs, international influential decision makers, technology experts, and specialists from the worldwide Power Industry, bringing together over 8,500 attendees to learn, exchange, and network.

Cosmo Tech’s Chief Technical Officer, Thomas Lacroix, will be participating in a round table discussion on the subject of “Digital Transformation of Utilities” on 28 August at 5:30 p.m. in conjunction with Think Smart Grids. Other members of Cosmo Tech’s Sales and Marketing teams will be attending the week-long event.

CIGRE Paris kicks off the start to Cosmo Tech’s appearance at multiple events throughout Europe and Asia throughout autumn. Check out the Meet Us page to stay updated.


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