Cosmo Tech CFO Laurent Hours is one of the invited guests tonight at Lyon’s annual Noël du TUBA dinner.

Hosted by the city’s hub for smart city enterprise and urban digital transformation, TUBA-LYON, the event will bring together a number of leading lights in the French Tech community, including Cosmo Tech. Hours has been asked to offer the perspective of a new laureate in the prestigious Pass French Tech program.

“We were honoured this year to be included in the new class of the Pass French Tech,” explains Hours. “I’m looking forward to sharing Cosmo Tech’s experience with other technology companies that share a similar commitment to transforming the way that business is done.”

Cosmo Tech’s integration into the Pass French Tech program offered the Lyon-based technology company increased international visibility, as well as priority, smooth, and simplified access to Bpifrance’s assistance offers and other French government agencies including Ubifrance, Coface and Inpi. Thanks to this new network of major players supporting its business development, Cosmo Tech now has all the cards in hand to accelerate its global expansion.

Hours will be joined at TUBA-LYON by Gilles Gesquière of the Université de Lyon, Dominique Damide of SNCF, and Sarah Ladon and Patrick Vincent of the Métropole de Lyon. All of the speakers will engage with cutting-edge ideas around the smart city, an area that Cosmo Tech has developed significant experience.

“Cosmo Tech is specialised in Augmented Intelligence for Critical Infrastructure and much of the most important infrastructure around the world today is in urban areas,” says Hours. “Our experience working with companies like GE on a Smart Energy Planning solution, or conducting research on urban mobility with IRT SystemX and our MIC project, and our work on smart urban rail transport are evidence of our strengths in addressing some of the most critical questions around building smarter cities for the twenty-first century.”

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