Cosmo Tech CEO and co-founder Hugues de Bantel is attending Les Rendez-vous de Bercy today in Paris, France.


For the second edition, Bercy will have a morning filled with exchanges and debates centered around the challenges posed by the redefinition of capitalism in the 21st century with the slogan “More wealth, less inequality”. The French administration believes a redefinition of their tax and competitive rules are necessary in order to fight against the concentration of wealth and effectively reduce inequalities and is a context that the French Presidency of G7 will take place in 2019. The event is hosted by the French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire and welcomes Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill and of Melinda Gates foundation, as their honored guest. 


“More than ever, we need fresh ideas for building a future that is both prosperous and inclusive – which is why I’m pleased that France is addressing inequality as a priority of its G7 Presidency,” said Gates. “Closing the gender gap in financial services – and bringing more women into the formal economy – is a prerequisite for the better, more equal future toward which we’re working.”


Animated by Emmanuelle Duten, Bercy will feature two debates: the first “Liberalism and New Technologies: Towards a fairer economic and social model?”; and the second with the theme “Faced with inequality, what role should businesses play in society?” Alongside the two debates, there will also be keynotes centering around prosperity and value creation of companies. The event invites international names, academics, entrepreneurs, and economic decision makers. 


This will be de Bantel’s second time attending Les Rendez-vous de Bercy, having previously attending in 2017. The last edition featured three major economic themes: disruptive technologies, technological transformation, and the new global economic order. 



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