Cosmo Tech’s Sales and Marketing teams are in Paris this week for CIFRAMI.


CIFRAMI is an annual conference organized by IFRAMI, the French Institute of Industrial Asset Management and Infrastructure (Institut Français d’Asset Management Industriel et Infrastructure). IFRAMI is a non-profit organization which brings together individuals or companies working to promote and apply concepts of industrial asset management and infrastructure management in France. IFRAMI also has a key role in the certification process of the auditors who will be selected for the accreditation of companies to ISO 55000.


Launched in January 2014, ISO 55000 is an international standard covering management of assets of any kind, providing the overview, principles, technology, and guidance on alignment of asset management, finance and accounting. It is a part of the ISO 55000 Family of Standards, which also includes ISO 55001 and ISO 55002.


This year’s theme at CIFRAMI is “challenges of asset management at the right time”. The three-day event will feature conferences, keynotes, roundtables, and interactive workshops on the first two days, while the third day will provide training and workshops to become CIFRAMI certified. 


One of the partners for CIFRAMI is Assetsgame, a company that provides a serious game for asset management. With Assetsgame, each participant has a role as a maintenance manager, operational manager, stock manager, or financial manager, where they will have to manage the assets throughout their life cycle. The game simulates the life of a production plant and confronts participants with decisions to best manage the site and create value. 


While Cosmo Tech won’t have a stand or being speaking, they will be taking this opportunity to learn more about the challenges facing asset management and solutions from top companies such as RATP, EDF Nucléaire, and UIE. This will help Cosmo Tech to continue developing their knowledge of asset management to deliver the best product to their customers across all industries such as water, electricity, transport, and more.



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